Aroma Aqua car air fresheners will be available in US starting in Fall 2019!

Designer Fragrances

Designer crafted fragrances. Classy, refined and unique. Smells good, looks good.

Say “no more” to weird smelling car air fresheners. Aqua car air fresheners are long-lasting, stylish and yes, smell like heaven.

Something for everybody

A wide range of premium scents that won't break the bank. No matter what you like, we probably have something for you.

Try a bunch and see which one you like the most. No matter what you like, we have something for you.

Hard to distinguish from magic

You will be envied by your friends. Since your car smells great and theirs doesn't. Yet.

Use sparingly. Your boo will fall in love with you all over again. Or with your car. Hard to tell.

User Reviews

Both a couple of freshers from the Golden collection and while I like them all, I have to admit I really like “Secret Code”. Make me feel like I am driving 007’s car!


Wow, what a difference this makes! I got a “Premium Gold” pack and wow, my minivan now smells like a dream. And it doesn’t look dump either! Haha!

Maria Fental