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is a distributor of Aroma Aqua products in the USA and a subsidiary of Nevada Distribution.

Starting Fall 2019, we will make available in the US  a wide range of Premium Car Air Fresheners.

We will introduce the US market to Aroma Aqua products, a leading European car fragrance manufacturer. Our designer quality car air fresheners are available in a wide range of long-lasting custom fragrances. When using our products, your car will smell amazing.

Aroma Aqua has a very well-established research and manufacturing process. Consequently, Arom Aqua can quickly create new fragrances based on consumer needs.

The most popular Aroma Aqua product is a well-designed, colorful, hanging “water drop” shaped car air freshener.  Aroma Aqua also manufactures fragrance nebulizers for additional versatility.

Aroma Aqua air fresheners are not limited to being used in cars and other vehicles. They work great on making any space smell great, including office spaces, boats, RVs or your home.

Aroma Aqua products are produced in Athens, Greece by a talented team of chemists. They are constantly working on improving and creating new formulas for memorable fragrances.

About Nevada Distribution S.R.L.

Nevada Distribution was formed in 2003. It quickly became a leader in the distribution of car lubricants and car care products, representing a large number of well-known international brands. Later, the company expanded to the car air fresheners market.

At Nevada Distribution we set ourselves apart through consistent customer service, quality products, and reliable employees. Our focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement helped us maintain our position as a market leader. We are fostering innovative ideas, solutions, and products.